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 Hello and welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy our designs and find inspiration for your own projects.

I'm sitting here typing this on a rainy Thursday, January 24th, 2019. Mihaela is just outside the office and I can hear her reading a story about some very mishevious monkeys to our precocious daughter, Evangelina, who's nearing two years old. Mihaela's keepin it lively and pretty damn animated even though she's nearly 12 months pregnant, just kidding, but she's very pregnant so we're all in high expectation for the little guy Julian who's about to enter the outside world and all of our lives.

Needless to say, I'm a bit reflective right now... it really wasn't that long ago when we first met, just back in September 2014. In fact that first picture there below was taken with a Polaroid I was carrying around for an adventure on the high seas in the Keys with two close buddies. Mihaela was working at a cigar shop in Key West, on Duval Street, and ironically enough, she served the best coffee in town. My friend introduced us and I made sure to get over to 1100 every chance I could.

We would sit and drink coffee or tea, at times lighting up modest cigarillos, and talk about art, writing, Rilke, travels, her grandparents village that she used to visit in summers.... toward the end of the trip I wrote her a poem and read it to her one night at the shop, damn right, I’m no fool. The rest is history, speaking of history, we’re making it, one creative moment at a time... attempting to approach our lives and relationships authentically, spontaneously, without dogma, but with sincere devotion. This is us....

Matt and Mihaela